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Basically called the socialist democratic republic of Sri Lanka, this is an island nation in Asia, based in the middle of the Gulf of Bengal, with a location pretty close to India. It has a strategic place for ocean routes, aside from being a producer of significant stuff like rubber and coffe, which makes the nation an industrial engine of the place (More on: eVisa Sri Lanka ).

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In this country you could find crucial tourist destinations. Thanks to the development that has been carried out in recent times in the nation, each city offers various choices to travel to and revel in. Urban growth has been wonderful in several of these cities, allowing them to keep the luxuries of the capitals of Europe or America (E-visa Sri Lanka), however, many others have not experienced such major development, so it is necessary to recognize which are the largest metropolitan areas.

Capitals in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is administratively distributed in 24 districts and 9 provinces. Every land has its business capital. The provinces are these: Central, East, North Central, Northwest, North, Sabaragamuwa, South, Uva and West. The capitals of every province, in the same order, are these: Kandy, Trincomalee, Anuradhapura, Karunegala, Jaffna, Ratnapura, Galle, Badula and Kotte.
    The 2 most important cities in Sri Lanka are Kotte, which is the capital of the nation as well as Colombia, that is its most populated metropolis, both equally found in the western province of the country. In the following, we are going to discuss the cities and also the most significant metropolitan areas of Sri Lanka:

  • 1) Primary we are going to speak about the city of Colombo, the business capital and Sri Lanka, formerly the seat of administrative power. This city can provide visitors with a pretty spectacular view, mixing historic monuments, modern structures and ruins of other times. Along with beaches as well as the tropical climate that is experienced in the metropolis, here we could see museums and entertainment venues just like those seen in other cities, but with classic touch of the people of Ceylon.
  • 2) The 2nd is Kotte, the country’s recent administrative city. The administrative power was transferred to this metropolis to attempt to cease Colombo from being such a congested metropolis, resulting in this incredible, high-class and contemporary capital that these days is located as a significant center of the area, though thanks to the fact that it continues surrounded by rice fields, the world is not really taken as a wonderful capital.
  • 3) The center of the country’s Buddhist culture can be found in the metropolis of Kandy, that is known as the main city of the mountains. It is an incredible city which has been declared a UNESCO heritage site thanks to its preservation of Sri Lankan culture. Here, in July, they execute an important festivity that attracts locals of the country and also curious visitors of culture.

    4) And then we have the metropolis of Anuradhapura, a capital exactly where we can come across ruins of historic people very well maintained. It was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site and, for a time, it was deemed one of the most crucial centres of power in South Asia, as it was the seat of the kingdom of Anuradhapura, this is the reason why it maintains such important ruins.

  • 5) And lastly, the metropolis of Jafna, that is the second most important in the nation in comercial stuffs. This city is the Sinhalese cultural city of the ethnic group known as the Tamils ( More on: E-visa Sri Lanka ) .

Immediately after figuring out all that the metropolitan areas of Sri Lanka have to offer, do not hesítate to pay a visit to this wonderful country. Asia abounds with hidden pieces waiting to be found by you and Sri Lanka is one of them.

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