Top Gabon attractions to try

Gabon is an African safari destination which offers a variety of safaris for each sort of traveler. Its natural and cultural elegance has made it probably the most visited destinations of Africa with a lot of tourists visiting it every year.

A trip to Gabon offers a opportunity to explore the wonders of the African wilderness. It also provides the opportunity to go to the Zintu Community whose traditional crafts are on display in the many villages and towns!

Gabon is usually noted for its exciting safari parks and also the abundance of wildlife to identify and encounter. However, Gabon is more than simply various safaris to explore. Continue reading to learn more about the available attractions of this African country!

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Top Gabon attractions to try

1. Makokou & Kongou Falls

Makokou and Kongou Falls are extremely popular with both tourists from the nearby regions as well as those who travel to the region to acquire a taste of African culture.

The scenery of the place is exceedingly exquisite, making the place a great place to go for nature lovers and for those coming for a relaxed holiday.

The waterfalls have inspired many writers, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians and therefore are the reason why many tourists would rather visit this area. It is said that the waterfall represents Africa’s history and the spirit of the nation!

2. Franceville

Franceville is amongst the four major cities in Gabon, it depends on the river Mpassa in the center of Gabon and at its end is linked to the N3 road and the Trans-Gabon Railway.

Franceville is a well-liked travel destination for boat trips, as it has an suitable setting for white water rafting and kayaking.

Visit Franceville in Gabon provides a wide range of travel options which include a visit to its amazing beaches; a trip to its old quarter along with the Museum Quarter of Franceville, along with a trip to one of its many wine plants.

3. Port Gentil

Port Gentil is an ancient seaport on the Atlantic coast of central Africa, an area often referred to as the “golden triangle.”

The town, which also is a major commercial the middle for the oil industry, lies on the cape of Port Gorges and has several spectacularly fabulous beaches and hilly surrounding promontory overlooking the sea.

One of the landmarks of Port-Gentil are classified as the famed 1927 St. Louis Church and also the 20th century Cape Lopez lighthouse.

Final words

It’s always best to explore Gabon throughout the rainy season, which often lasts from June to October. However, typically the most popular activities to do during the month of January to February are not advisable because of the potential for getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Pack your bags and plan your goal journey to Gabon!

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