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Getting to Prince Edward Island is a trip you will never forget. This enchanting island is simply stunning. There are some great hiking trails, and if you are looking for a bit of colonial history, there is a fascinating section of history available as well. If you love nature, travel to Prince Edward Island and enjoy a stroll at one of its many beaches during your stay here.


Take a short cruise to Canada’s Maritime Museum in Charlottville and learn about the rich history of Canada at this two-weekend stay. Paddle board along the rugged and beautiful coast at high tide and walk the white sand beach at low tide. Then head a few kilometres north over a 10 km long bridge towards Prince Edward Island National Park, which is the perfect place for a picnic or lunchtime stroll.


If you are travelling with children, there are a number of fun activities you can participate in during your road trip to Canada’s Maritime Museum. Amongst the activities you can participate in include canoeing, swimming, fishing and kayaking. Book into one of the four Sirmilik national parks, which are home to a variety of unique flora and fauna. In addition, travel to the Horseshoe Bay camping area where you can engage in activities like horseback riding and camping.


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If you are interested in marine wildlife, you should take a gondola ride up to Horseshoe Bay. From here, you can explore the underwater world of Prince Rupert and see humpback whales playing with the surface of the water. You may also want to take a walking tour through the park or do some bird watching at night. As well, you should definitely stop by the Shuswap hotel which is right on the marine park where you can enjoy the accommodations and fine dining.




When it comes to travel to Prince Edward Island, you will find that it is not much of a rush as long as you plan things right. First, you should consider what you would like to do in Prince Rupert. If you are interested in experiencing bushwalking and hiking, you can choose to travel to Fern Grotto National Park. During this period, you can expect to enjoy a host of bushwalking adventures as you go through thick forests and mountain peaks to uncover tracks used by ancient aborigines. There are also several opportunities for bird watching and other wildlife encounters during this time.


For more remote areas of the park, you may wish to take a boat ride to thearies Bar and Site de la Fortuna. Here, you can enjoy the scenery of the marine park and get a closer look at humpback whales. If you are interested in strolling around while you are there, you will be happy to know that there are also a number of beaches in the area for you to relax on. At Fern Grotto, you can also visit the rock formation known as the “Poppy,” which has been voted one of the world’s most popular natural wonders.

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