Tabarjal Lake is located in the northern part of Rajasthan state, India. It is an extraordinary lake with a huge network of canals, flowing into the Arabian Sea. The Lake is known for its pearl cultivation and has some beautiful coral reefs as well. A trip to Tabarjal is very enjoyable because it gives the opportunity to get to witness an incredible scenic beauty. The pristine water of the lake is the perfect habitat of millions of flamingoes and other sea birds.

The trip to Tabarjal starts from Jeddah, the second largest city of Rajasthan. The City is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan and offers plenty of sightseeing options. There are many exciting activities that you can participate in during your trip to Tabarjal. Some of these activities include camel safari, foot tour to the desert villages, Jeep safari, boat ride on the lovely lake, swimming, etc.

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After enjoying a fun-filled day of fun-filled activities, head towards Tabarjal to settle down at the ‘Dinarjar Lake’. The ‘Dinarjar’ is the name given to the lake because it was here that King Shah Jahan constructed his fortress. The fort was later replaced by a mosque and the lake was then used for storing rice. However, the story behind this lake is almost as enchanting as the view of it. It is believed that it was here that a sage by the name of Muzdalfa al Sudhli built this beautiful palace for the sole purpose of teaching his beloved daughter, Princess Safaara, the art of weaving.

The amazing palace is built in the style of an Indian Rajput princess’ residence. The interior wall of the palace is in the style of an Indian Jain religious temple. In fact, there are several historic Jain temples in this palace and the lake’s outer wall is a replica of the famous Maratha temple of Birla Mandir. The palace also has two other rooms which are built as a court and a store. The court has a huge hall where the queen’s chamber can be found.

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If you’re a nature lover and love to travel to remote places, then a trip to Tabarjan will definitely impress you. Located in the foothills of the majestic Himalaya, Tabarjan is the coldest and most inaccessible place in India. The cool mountain air, snow-capped mountains and picturesque valley all make it an incredible place to visit. One can also explore the natural hot springs of Tabarjan which are spread across several acres of land.

While on this trip, you should also do a little shopping. One can buy different handicrafts, accessories and some amazing souvenirs from the local market of Tabarjan. The handicrafts include carpets, bamboo work, embroidery, leather ware, jute work, granite tiles and many more. The market indeed offers everything that one needs to spice up a dull day. One can even buy fresh fish, meat, spices and vegetables from the market.

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